DataVision v1.2.0 The Open Source Report Writer


Mailing List

A mailing list named datavision-users@lists.sourceforge.net has been created for the discussion of tips, tricks, suggestions, bugs, and workarounds. You must be a member of the list to post to the list. This requirement was added to avoid spam.

To see the complete list of DataVision mailing lists (there is only one so far), visit the DataVision Mailing Lists page on SourceForge.

The datavision-users mailing list has its own mailing list users page where you can subscribe, see the archived list of messages, and edit your preferences.

Call For Volunteers

If you would like to help by translating DataVision (the in-application strings, User's Manual, or the FAQ) to a new language, please let me know. Application string translations that have been completed or are in progress include

  1. bg_BG (Bulgarian, Bulgaria) by Tony Tomov
  2. de_DE (German, Germany) by Herbert Dietlmeier
  3. en_US (English, USA) by Jim Menard
  4. es_MX (Spanish, Mexico) by Miguel Angel Rojas Aquino
  5. fr_FR (French, France) by Daniel Essayag and Yaacov Akiba Slama
  6. it_IT (Italian, Italy) by Guido Amoruso
  7. nl_NT (Dutch, Dutch) by Marcel Jager
  8. pt_BR (Portuguese, Brazil) by Carlos Silva
  9. pt_PT (Portuguese, Portugal) by Sergio Ferreira
  10. ru_RU (Russian, Russia) by Igor Osminin
  11. sk_SK (Slovakian, Slovakia) by Matej "Mato" Holly
  12. tr_TR (Turkish, Turkey) by Ismail Cansiz

There is now a Chinese version of the FAQ, thanks to flybean.

The User's Manual and FAQ translations won't be shipped with DataVision; they would increase the size of the download for everyone too much. Instead, they will be hosted here and downloadable archives will be made available.


There are no known documentation bugs.