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DataVision Frequently Asked Questions

Jim Menard, jimm@io.com

Table of Contents

1 The DataVision FAQ
    1.1 What is this?
    1.2 Where does the FAQ live?
    1.3 Who maintains the FAQ?

2 DataVision
    2.1 What is DataVision?
    2.2 Where can I find DataVision?
    2.3 Where can I download DataVision?
    2.4 Who maintains DataVision?
    2.5 Why can't I recompile DataVision?

3 Running DataVision
    3.1 Can I run DataVision as a Web application?
    3.2 Can I run DataVision from JSP?
    3.3 Can I run DataVision from a Java application?
    3.4 How do I ask the user for parameters?
    3.5 Why doesn't my embedded report code do anything?
    3.6 Why does DataVision hang when I try to use the Table Linker dialog?
    3.7 Why won't it stop asking for a password?
    3.8 Why don't I see borders?
    3.9 Why is DataVision trying to connect to the X DISPLAY?
    3.10 What do ClassNotFoundException and "no suitable driver found" mean?
    3.11 Font error messages

4 Designing Reports
    4.1 How do I add wildcards to a parameter?
    4.2 How do I ignore unspecified parameters?
    4.3 How do I count the number of records?
    4.4 How do I get the average (min, max, etc.) of a field's values?
    4.5 How do I add a GROUP BY clause?
    4.6 Can I edit the SQL?
    4.7 Can I add the total page count to a report?
    4.8 Can I create a left outer join?

5 Running Reports
    5.1 Can I export report data to Excel?
    5.2 Can I run DataVision as a Web application?
    5.3 Can I edit the SQL query DataVision generates?
    5.4 Why don't I see images in my HTML export?
    5.5 Why are my columns in the wrong order?
    5.6 What does "Parameter index out of range" mean?

6 Databases
    6.1 What databases work with DataVision?
    6.2 Can DataVision read data from anywhere else?
    6.3 Can DataVision handle binary database fields?
    6.4 Where is the latest version of the MM.MySQL driver?
    6.5 Why can't DataVision find my database columns any more?
    6.6 Why can't I see my PostgreSQL table's columns?

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