DataVision v1.2.0 The Open Source Report Writer


DavaVision was originally developed by Jim Menard (jimm at io.com). The
project's leader is now Frank W. Zammetti (fzlists at omnytex.com). The following
people have kindly provided string translations and submitted bug reports, bug
fixes, and suggestions for improvement. Many thanks to all of them.


Translations have come--or are coming--from:

Language (Region)                 Translator(s)
-----------------                 -------------

bg_BG Bulgarian (Bulgaria)        Tony Tomov <tomovtony at yahoo.com>

de_DE German (Germany)            Herbert Dietlmeier
                                  <Herbert.Dietlmeier at t-online.de>

en_US English (USA)               Jim Menard <jimm at io.com>

es_MX Spanish (Mexico)            Miguel Angel Rojas Aquino
                                  <mrojas_aquino at mail.flashmail.com>

fr_FR French (France)             Daniel Essayag and Yaacov Akiba Slama
                                  <ya at slamail.org>

it_IT Italian (Italy)             Guido Amoruso <guidonte at libero.it>

pt_BR Portuguese (Brazil)         Carlos Silva <silva at carlosilva.com>

nl_NL Dutch (Dutch)               Marcel Jager  <mjager at technocon.com>

pt_PT Portuguese (Portugal)       Sergio Ferreira <sergio at moredata.pt>

ru_RU Russian (Russia)            Igor Osminin <oia at kovgok.ru>

sk_SK Slovakian (Slovakia)        Matej "Mato" Holly <h.matej at krs.sk>

tr_TR Turkish (Turkey)            Ismail Cansiz <icansiz at haysoft.com>


Chinese                           flybean <flybean at trilobyte.dhs.org>


Bug reports, fixes, and suggestions have come from:

Stephen <stephen at webreserve.com>

    Found bug in new reports: table linker was useless until fields were
    added to the report.

TonyTomov <ttomov at abs.bg>

    Reported Windows problems that helped improve documentation. Found that
    the Sun JDBC/ODBC driver for Windows does not implement some optional
    features required by DataVision. Found bug in new reports: many
    uninitialized things were written as "null" in the XML. Found special
    field dragging bug. Found serious SQL generation bugs. Many, many more
    good suggestions. Found font size change bug. Discussions about
    arbitrary SQL statements, UNION, etc. Found subtotal creation bugs
    (null format in original field caused NullPointerException; non-Float
    values were not properly converted). Found database column title
    creation bug. Found hidden formula evaluation bug. Found many, many
    more bugs.

Achim Weßling <Achim.Wessling at gt-net.de>

    Found Informix driver issues. Found field widget selection bug.

Gareth Cronin <GarethC at kiwiplan.co.nz>

    Found and reported ODBC driver issues.

Konstantin V. Oussanov <ukv at lab321.ru>

    Found and reported Oracle driver issues. Found and fixed null value bug
    in Field.java. Submitted patches for ResultSet creation for Oracle
    drivers. Found and submitted patch for command-line argument processing
    and password handling when creating a report and using a layout engine.
    Found and fixed line-reading bug. Submitted fix that lets database
    fields appear in report header.

Tom Van Overbeke <tom.van.overbeke at pandora.be>

    Found cause  of startup font error messages and found the solution.
    Found field deletion bug. Found working MySQL driver and provided links.

Jaume from Tau Ingenieros <tauinge at menta.net>

    Found fix for printing from report run window. Submitted code to resize
    page when printing.

John Wilson <tug at wilson.co.uk>

    Author of the MinML2 XML parser previously used by DataVision.

Kai Toedter <kai at toedter.com>

    Author of JCalendar, the calendar Swing widget used by DataVision.

Alex Bogdanov <agb at bogdanov.fsbusiness.co.uk>

    Found problems with WHERE clauses. Made suggestions about making
    reports more usable for multiple users.

Arash Bijanzadeh <arashb at users.sourceforge.net>

    Suggestion to use TreeMap instead of HashMap in Database to keep tables
    sorted by name.

Brendon Price <Brendon.Price at sytec.co.nz>

    Found field id creation bug (all newly-created fields had the same id
    number.) Contributed enhancements and fixes to HTMLLE.

Miguel Angel Rojas Aquino <mrojas_aquino at mail.flashmail.com>

    Suggested code to look for table names without grabbing system tables.
    Pointed out Oracle date/timestamp issues. Found fixes that greatly
    improved print quality and layout. Found format dialog crash bug. Found
    Windows field popup menu bug. Found bug with columns in headers when
    the query returns zero rows. Found fix (avoid reading same column two
    times) that allows Progress JDBC driver to read metadata. Documentation
    improvement suggestions.

William Colls <bcolls at cbnlottery.com>

    Found special field formatting bug.

Marius Hillenbrand <marius.hillenbrand at integration.riess.de>

    Found dialog layout bugs. Found bogus paper name bug and suggested fix.

Aditya Gilra <aditya_gilra at yahoo.com>

    Suggested adding portrait/landscape paper sizes. Found solution to
    printer exception bug.

David Jones <jonesde at ofbiz.org>

    Added DataVision to the OFBiz project (http://www.ofbiz.org/). Many
    suggestions including re-using external database connections and
    passing URLs or InputStreams to the report instead of an XML file name.

Jennifer Taylor <jennifer.taylor at caris.com>

    Found and suggested a fix for reading beyond the end of the database
    cursor, which caused a problem with the DB2 JDBC driver.

Gabriel Tlalpachicatl <gab571 at netscape.net>

    Found the bug where fields' and lines' "visible" flags weren't being
    saved to the report XML.

C Wayne Huling <c.w.huling at pobox.com>

    Found command line option parsing bug.

Yaacov Akiba Slama <ya at slamail.org>

    Started the i18n process.

Carlos Silva <silva at carlosilva.com>

    Found XML line tag parsing bug.

Tasneem Talawala <tasneem at netcore.co.in>

    Found XMLDecl tag bug in report XML file output.

Ryan Delany <ryandelany at users.sourceforge.net>

    Reported User Column bug: queries didn't empty their user column info
    each time, so deleting a user column didn't remove it from the query.

Stefan Hansel <thestefan at users.sourceforge.net>

    Reported group footer output bug: when a group footer is output, make
    sure all of the footers before (above) it are also output. Offered code
    to fix. Reported subtotal bug created when previous bug fixed. Wrote
    code to handle DB2 schema names.

Eddie Carpenter <ecarpenter at itex.co.za>

    User Column bug report and page break ideas. Negative field dimensions
    bug report. Realized we don't need to select the join's columns. Found
    bugs with formulas containing user columns. Found date parameter edit

Ertan Oezdil <eoezdil at javacoders.de>

    Request that led to the DesignWin.setExitWhenLastWinClosed method.

Gene Coldwell <coldwell at csptexas.com>

    Contributed money.

Dinesh Rajagopalan <dinesh_rajagopalan at rediffmail.com>

    Found forumla string expression bug.

Brian Johnson <mastermnd at users.sourceforge.net>

    Found PDF layout engine newline bug. Found user column id generation
    bug. Pointed out missing FLOAT constant in Column.isNumeric(). Found
    bug in PDF line splitting code. Suggested field name should go in title
    of FormatWin.

Russell V. Toone <russ at redcon.com>

    Found a bug in Database$ColumnIterator.

Don Wickelgren <dtwickelgren at users.sourceforge.net>

    Reported lack of scroll bars and code pane growth in code edit windows.

Bouska Seznam (Ludek) <bouska at seznam.cz>

    Reported LaTeX page size and other bugs.

Pete Fowler <pfowler at tempo.com.au>

    Reported bad report summary dialog box behavior.

Thorsten Wenzlaff <wenzlaff at users.sourceforge.net>

    Discussions about table and column name case sensitivity.

Steven Findlay <StevenFindlay at noratek.com>

    Reported landscape printing problem.

Gene Coldwell <coldwell at csptexas.com>

    Made a voluntary monitary contribution for DataVision. Thank you, Gene.

Saleem Burhani <pesheek at yahoo.com>

    Pointed out image field path-to-URL translation bug.

Andre Wohnig <a.wohnig at thiesen.com>

    Found bug in Expression code that looks for columns.

Bill Shaw <Bill.Shaw at atrs.state.ar.us>

    Noticed that SQL was not generated when the report contained user
    columns but no database columns.

Shannon Noe <noe at lim.com>

    Pointed out problems with contents of GPL text and links on legal page.

Riq Willitts <riq at scs.co.uk>

    Found bug in evaluation of hidden formula fields.

Peter van der Kooi <kooi008 at users.sourceforge.net>

    Found bug in SQLTable that made column loading not work in certain

Edwin Ramirez <ramirez at doc.mssm.edu>

    Funded development of DataVision in order to create the applet code.
    Thank you.

Laura Moloney <laura55 at users.sourceforge.net>

    Helped clarify confusing documentation of suppression proc behavior.
    Found bug where database connection reset deleted query. Found problem
    with formula evaluation in group headers. Found bug where reset
    database connection caused duplicate tables in query.

Jeff Maldonado <jeffmaldonado at hotmail.com>

    Found FieldPickerWin bug that prevented charsep columns from being

Runako Godfrey <runako at users.sourceforge.net>

    Found and fixed PDF footer layout problems.

Pierre Ernst <pernst at cbnco.com>

    Reported null pointer exception when certain special fields appear in a
    report and their values are null.

Lixin Fan <LixinF at mailcode.com>

    Found bug in XML layout engine XMLDecl element.

Khadiyd Idris <khad at linuxindo.com>

    Contributed HTML layout engine border code.

Tim Pauwels <Timp at landc.be>

    Suggested creation of Column.equals and many gui code cleanup
    improvements. Showed that VisTableWin can work with any data source,
    not just SQL.

Nebojsa Naumovic <naum at cores.co.yu>

    Requested SwingLE.getJFrame. Requested new behavior of group count
    special field within detail section.

Pascal Pochet <p3consulting at mac.com>

    Contributed Mac OS X wrapper for DataVision and suggestions for command
    line arguments.

flybean <flybean at trilobyte.dhs.org>

    Chinese translation of the FAQ.

audias, <a194236 at users.sourceforge.net>

    Suggested that Table Linker dialog only list columns in tables used by
    the report.

Wouter Moerdijk <woutermoerdijk at hotmail.com>

    Found bug where running Swing report from command line would close
    report window immediately after the report finished running, instead of
    waiting for the Swing window to be closed.

Koichiro Hara <epsy at air-beat.com>

    Found bug when loading database metadata: code assumed schema name
    could not be null.

Zed A. Shaw <zed.shaw at ubc.ca>

    Suggestion to allow user columns for group values.

Vij <vijkap at users.sourceforge.net>

    Suggestion to allow user columns for group values.

Daniel Seltzer

    Ant build file improvements.

Sylvain Machefert <sylvain_machefert at yahoo.fr>

    Suggested output of SQL when SQLExcpetion thrown.

Lukas Schroeder <lukas at kodics.de>

    Found bug that prevented formulas in WHERE clauses from being evaluated
    before the query was run. Found bug that prevented parameters from
    being found within the WHERE clause, when they were inside a formula.

Aaron Kardell <akardell at altonaed.com>

    Aaron and Altona Ed, LLC (www.altonaed.com) funded development of
    sub-reports. Thank you.

Shailesh Salunkhe <salunkhes at sigmasoft.biz>

    Report DTD fixes.

Mike Christiansen <mikech at users.sourceforge.net>

    Found XML layout engine bug: the output XMLWriter wasn't getting closed
    properly. Found a PDF layout engine bug: the font name wasn't being
    selected properly.

Alok Koch <alokko at users.sourceforge.net>

    Fixed code that writes subreports to XML so formulas and user columns are
    saved. Partial fix to SQL query code so subreports don't cause the same
    table name to be included in the query more than once.

Johnie Wardlaw <wardlawj at users.sourceforge.jet>

    Improved fix in SQL query code that prevents table name from appearing
    multiple times when subreports are used.

Marc Wirth <mw at tangro.de>

    Explained why I should change ClassLoader.getSystemResource() to

Kerry McNeil <kerry.mcneil at pierrefoods.com>

    Found bug with two subreports in report.

Fernando Cruz <fdocruz at users.sourceforge.net>

    Noticed that "Select Records..." was not enabled when using CharSepLE.

Vlad Dranovs, <vdranovs at users.sourceforge.net>

    Found bug with CVS parsing: it didn't allow multi-line rows.

Frank W. Zammetti <fzlists at omnytex.com>

    Created logo and splash screen. Fixed delete key bug. Submitted initial
    version of Bean Scripting Framework code.  Current project lead.

Bob Sidebotham <bob at windsong.bc.ca>

    Found bug in ErrorHandler.splitUp (now in Utils) that caused an infinite
    loop and OutOfMemoryError.

Fabio Graziosi <fabiog at users.sourceforge.net>

    Found error in Italian translation.

KH Fong <lefeu_1978 at yahoo.com.sg>

    Reported bug in PDF layout engine: wasn't handling null report title or

Eryan Yu <earth2 at gmail.com>

    Reported field movement undo bug.

Peter Wilkinson <peter.wilkinson at mantel.com.au>

    Helped diagnose and suggested fix for a problem with table object lookup,
    which caused an IllegalAccessException error.

sausaurabh77 <saurabh77 at users.sourceforge.net>

    Helped diagnose and suggested fix for a problem with table object lookup,
    which caused an IllegalAccessException error.

Michael Lee <michaelkmb at users.sourceforge.net>

    One of many people that reported an error in saving field format strings.

Sirio Candini <sirio.candini at regulus.it>

    Found a serious subreport bug; saved subreports were not re-loading
    correctly, so they wouldn't run properly. Also found that subreports with
    multiple joines weren't putting "AND" between the joins, and proposed a

edmz <edmz at users.sourceforge.net>

    Found a problem with the startup script editor.

Thomas Sundberg <thomas.sundberg at gamefederation.com>

    Found a bug in the GUI: when a field format was changed, then the report
    is run, then another field's format was changed, the changed format was
    not used when you run the report. Saving the report saved the changed

Rick Kramer <rkarmer at solve.net>

    Contributed the code that adds a delete menu item to the field picker
    window's edit menu.

Paul Stuart <pauleyphonic at gmail.com>

    Found a bug in Format.hashCode().

Richard S. Hall <heavy at ungoverned.org>

    Suggested change to allow empty usernames in database connection info.

David Bennett <bensoft at users.sourceforge.net>

    Contributed a patch to eliminate a NPE when copying connection parameters
    from an existing report file.

Arno Peters <ape at users.sourceforge.net>

    Contributed a patch that corrected a mistake in the implementation of
    the look & feel changes (liquid vs. system, etc).