Package jimm.datavision.layout

Provides concrete layout engine implementations.


Interface Summary
LineDrawer The line drawer interface is used by those wishing to draw all lines in a border.

Class Summary
CharSepLE CharSepLE is a layout engine that outputs text data files.
CSSHTMLLE A TABLE free DIV/CSS HTML layout engine.
DocBookCol A DocBook col is used to represeent a column in a DocBook table.
DocBookLE A DocBook layout engine creates DocBook documents.
HTMLLE An HTML layout engine.
LaTeXLE A LaTeX2e layout engine.
LayoutEngine A layout engine is responsible for formatting and outputting report data.
SortedLayoutEngine A sorted layout engine outputs the fields within each section in order of their y then x coordinates.
XMLLE An XML layout engine.

Package jimm.datavision.layout Description

Provides concrete layout engine implementations. Most of the classes are subclasses of datavision.LayoutEngine.