Class NewAggregateCommand

  extended by jimm.datavision.gui.cmd.CommandAdapter
      extended by jimm.datavision.gui.cmd.AbstractAggregateCommand
          extended by jimm.datavision.gui.cmd.NewAggregateCommand
All Implemented Interfaces:
Command, Nameable

public class NewAggregateCommand
extends AbstractAggregateCommand

A command for adding a aggregate to a field for a particular section.

Jim Menard, jimm@io.com

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class jimm.datavision.gui.cmd.AbstractAggregateCommand
aggregateWidget, fieldWidget, functionName, group, report
Fields inherited from class jimm.datavision.gui.cmd.CommandAdapter
Constructor Summary
NewAggregateCommand(Report report, FieldWidget fw, Group group, java.lang.String functionName)
Method Summary
 void perform()
          Performs the command.
 void undo()
          Undoes the command.
Methods inherited from class jimm.datavision.gui.cmd.AbstractAggregateCommand
createAggregate, deleteAggregate, getAggregateWidget
Methods inherited from class jimm.datavision.gui.cmd.CommandAdapter
getName, redo, setName
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Constructor Detail


public NewAggregateCommand(Report report,
                           FieldWidget fw,
                           Group group,
                           java.lang.String functionName)

report - the report containing the field and the aggregate
fw - the field widget to which we are adding a aggregate
group - if null, the aggregate is added to the report footer; else the aggregate is added to the first section in the group's footer.
functionName - the aggregate function name
Method Detail


public void perform()
Description copied from class: CommandAdapter
Performs the command. The default implementation does nothing.

Specified by:
perform in interface Command
perform in class CommandAdapter


public void undo()
Description copied from class: CommandAdapter
Undoes the command. The default implementation does nothing.

Specified by:
undo in interface Command
undo in class CommandAdapter