Package jimm.datavision.field

Field, its subclasses, and related classes like Format and Border.


Interface Summary

Class Summary
AggregateField An aggregate field represents a field's aggregated values, either ColumnField or FormulaField.
Border A border is a visual decoration around a report field.
BorderEdge A border edge represents one of the four edges of a Border.
ColumnField A column field represents a data source column.
DefaultFormat Only used by the report.
Field The abstract superclass of visual report fields that display text labels, database columns, special values, aggregate values, formulas, and parameters.
Format A format describes how to display a field.
FormattedValueCache Helps avoid multiple expensive formatting and font size calculations.
FormulaField A formula field represents a formula calculated on-the-fly.
ImageField Represents an external image.
ParameterField A parameter field represents a parameter.
Rectangle A rectangle with double coordinates.
SpecialField A SpecialField represents a special value such as the report name or current page number.
SubreportField A subreport field represents an entire report within a field.
TextField A text field represents static text.
UserColumnField A user column field represents a user column, which in turn holds some SQL that is put in the SELECT clause of a query.

Package jimm.datavision.field Description

Field, its subclasses, and related classes like Format and Border. A field is a visual report element that displays a single thing, like a database column, an image, text or a formula.