Interface Writeable

All Known Implementing Classes:
AggregateField, Border, CharSepQuery, CharSepSource, Column, ColumnField, Database, DataSource, DefaultFormat, Element, Expression, Field, Format, Formula, FormulaField, Group, ImageField, Join, Line, MockAggregateDataSource, MockDataSource, NCColumn, NCDatabase, NCQuery, ObjectQuery, ObjectSource, PaperFormat, Parameter, ParameterField, Point, Query, Rectangle, Report, Scripting, Section, SectionArea, SpecialField, SQLColumn, SQLQuery, Subreport, SubreportDatabase, SubreportField, SubreportQuery, SuppressionProc, TestColumn, TextField, UserColumn, UserColumnField

public interface Writeable

Identifies objects that implement the writeXML method.

Jim Menard, jimm@io.com

Method Summary
 void writeXML(XMLWriter out)
          Writes this object as an XML tag.

Method Detail


void writeXML(XMLWriter out)
Writes this object as an XML tag.

out - a writer that knows how to write XML