Interface Identity

All Known Implementing Classes:
AggregateField, Column, ColumnField, Expression, Field, Formula, FormulaField, ImageField, NCColumn, NCTable, Parameter, ParameterField, SpecialField, SQLColumn, SQLTable, Subreport, SubreportField, Table, TestColumn, TestTable, TextField, UserColumn, UserColumnField

public interface Identity

Unique identifiers. IDs are common to enough different kinds of objects (for example, columns, formulas, parameters, and user columns) that it makes sense to have this interface.

The name "Identifiable", though more consistent with other interface names like "Nameable" and "Writeable", would have been too darned verbose.

Jim Menard, jimm@io.com

Method Summary
 java.lang.Object getId()
          Returns the identity.

Method Detail


java.lang.Object getId()
Returns the identity.